Start your holidays in a good mood!

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Start your holidays in a good mood!
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Easy. Clever. Parking.
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Low Fares. Simple. Secure.
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Parking at the Düsseldorf Airport - Simply. Clever. Parking

Park at the Düsseldorf Airport securely, easily and affordably.

You won’t find closer parking to your holiday. Nor cleverer. You start your journey from Düsseldorf Airport and would like to park close to the terminal on the airport grounds? Then simply use our Parkvogel parking garages and car parks. You can reach the terminal very conveniently in 2 minutes with the SkyTrain, free for Parkvogel customers, or with our free shuttle buses or even by foot.

Our rates are transparent and stable. You can park with us at fixed rates throughout the year. Simple, convenient, economical.

Keine Schluesselabgabe beim Parkvogel

No key handover - At Parkvogel you never have to hand in your car key. You can be 100% sure that your car will not be moved by someone else during your holiday.

Highest quality in processes and in IT

With us you get the highest quality against fair prices. With our ISO certifications for quality management and information security management, we guarantee you constantly optimized and monitored processes and maximum IT and data security.

DEKRA zertifiziert

Parking close to the Düsseldorf Airport terminal

From parking garages P4 and P5, you can reach the terminal by SkyTrain in 2 minutes. Use of the SkyTrain is free for Parkvogel customers. First Class Parking. With the monitored, modern parking area located right next to the terminal (1 minute by foot), we offer you a parking experience of the highest level.

With the SkyTrain from parking garages P4 and P5 to the Düsseldorf Airport terminal in 2 minutes at no charge.
With the SkyTrain from parking garages P4 and P5 to the Düsseldorf Airport terminal in 2 minutes at no charge.

Affordable parking at the Düsseldorf Airport

An additional Parkvogel parking garage is located right next to the ISS DOME and can therefore hardly be overlooked. The modern parking garage is state-of-the-art, with check-in machines, among other things, for a relaxed start to your holidays. Our team constantly ensures that all your needs are taken care of and is always available if you have questions. With our free shuttle service, you will be at the airport in 9 minutes and can begin your holidays. Our shuttle service runs every 30 minutes.

The Parkvogel parking garage at the ISS DOME with check-in machines for a relaxing start to your holidays
Free shuttle directly to the Düsseldorf Airport terminal

Affordable long-term parking at the Düsseldorf Airport

Spare yourself the nerve-racking search for a parking space. Book very conveniently from the comfort of your own home. Book, park, fly. From parking garages P24 and P26, we’ll bring you directly to the terminal conveniently and reliably with our free shuttle buses. From our P23, you can even reach the terminal by foot.

Parking with Parkvogel at P24 at the Düsseldorf Airport
Parking with Parkvogel at P24 at the Düsseldorf Airport

Secure parking - roofed and partially under video surveillance

The Parkvogel car parks are partially under video surveillance, illuminated, secured, fenced, largely roofed (P4, P5, First Class Parking and ISS DOME), regularly patrolled by staff and above all right on the Düsseldorf Airport grounds (P4, P5, P23, P24, P26). With the ISS DOME and the car park Messe P2 we offer favorable long-term parking spaces. You can park affordably and securely in a Parkvogel car park.
With Parkvogel, carefree holidays begin with parking!



To the terminal and back -
with the shuttle service and SkyTrain!

The parking spaces near the terminal in car parks P4 and P5 are perfectly connected to the terminal with the SkyTrain, which is free for Parkvogel customers - you will get directly to the terminal in 2 minutes. From car park P23, the terminal can even be reached by foot in 10 minutes.
Our free shuttle service will bring you punctually and safely to the departure terminal of the Düsseldorf Airport and will of course also pick you back up.
The shuttle bus stops are located directly in front of the parking garage at the ISS DOME, and in front of car parks P24, P26 and Messe P2. Simply park and climb aboard!
The Parkvogel shuttle buses are free for our customers and run every 20 minutes.

Our team at the
Düsseldorf Airport

Parkvogel is run by the team from SITA Airport IT GmbH, SAIT for short. With around 130 employees, SAIT is the IT provider of Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH and is responsible for, among other things, the operation of all car parks at the Düsseldorf Airport, the Parkvogel parking garage at the ISS DOME and the Parkvogel parking garage at Carlsplatz in the Düsseldorf old town - that's no fewer than 27,000 parking spaces! This clearly shows that we are a strong partner when it comes to parking.

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