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AdBlue Tec in use for Parkvogel shuttle

Parkvogel is comfortable, easy and helpful for natural reserve. So Parkvogel is using the modern technic of Blue Efficency motors of Mercedes Benz busses. Scharf Reisen, partner of Parkvogel, has bought the innovative busses in 2016. AdBlue technic helps to reduce nitrogen oxide and exhaust particles enormously. Really fine for heealthy air!

Parkvogel Muenchen Shuttlebus mit AdBlue Technik

Green colour and green technology

Umweltfreundlicher Parkvogel Shuttlebus mit AdBlue

Our shuttle uses the modern and environmentally friendly AdBLue technology


Ski slopes nearby Vol. 2: Lower Bavaria

Wishing to go skiing sponantiously? Therefore we have tips for reaching fine Ski slopes nearby. Part two of this sequence is presenting three destinations in Lower Bavaria.

Tip 1: Geißkopf with great service

Close to Bodenmais the Geißkopf presents nine broad slopes, also useful for beginners. Two funparcs for freestyle and a snowpark are special features. Restaurants and Après-Ski are useful to have a lot of fun. For more information please visit www.geisskopf.de.

Der Geißkopf Skipiste

Broad slopes are typically for the destination Geißkopf. Picture: geisskopf.de

Tip 2: Family fun at the Pröller

Smart and eesy slopes for families and also sporty slopes for trained skier: at the Pröller you can find enough variety to have fun. You want to go with the toboggan? There is an ideal slope for sledging. One feature more: The Pröller is endowed with a lot of floodlight. For more information please visit www.proeller-skidreieck.de.

Skispaß am Pröller

Floodlight at the Pröller. Picture: proeller-skidreieck.de.

Tip 3: Skiing and more 

St. Eglmar is a perfect destination for skiing and a lot of holiday fun more. You can find a lot of slopes, also for cross country skiing, for hiking or going with snowshoes. If someone of your group doesnt want to do wintersports, there are wellness offers and a gokart-track, too. For more information please visit  www.urlaubsregion-sankt-englmar.de and www.skilifte-st-englmar.de.

Rodeln und Skifahren in St. Englmar

St. Englmar in winter 2017. Picture: Tourist-Info St. Englmar.

Tip 4: destination for sportsmen

The Arber is the highest mountain at the bavarian forest. There you can find difficult slopes, so sportsmen are often looking for visiting the Arber to go skiing. There are 14 skiing schools already. So if you want to learn fast and deep, this ist he perfect place to do it. For more information please visit www.arber.de/skigebiet.


Ski slopes nearby Vol. 1: Upper Palatinate

Wishing to go skiing sponantiously? Therefore we have tips for reaching fine Ski slopes nearby. Part one of this sequence is presenting three destinations in the Upper Palatinate.

Tip 1: Schneitweg, small-sized but fine: In Schneitweg close to Regenstauf there is a small and few steep slope. An ideal destination especially for families with young childs or to try skiing the first time. For more informations please visit www.skilift-schneitweg.de.

Skillift Schneitweg

In Schneitweg there is one ski-lift. picture: skilift-schneitweg.de

Tip 2: Hoher Bogen for higher aspirations: Close to the Czech frontier this skiing destination satifies skillful winter sportspersons. 6 Kilometer slopes, 2 ski-lifts, and a lot of service features like ski rental and a skiing school make the visit for pleasure. You also find a steep slope for tobbogans. For more informations please visit www.hohenbogen.de.

Skigebie Hohen Bogen Sonnenaufgang

Great ski slopes at Hoher Bogen. picture: Markus Müller

Tip 3: A special destination in the north oft he Upper Palatinate In the northeast tot he city Weiden there you can find the ski slopes of Altglashütte (Bärnau). This destination is located in a fine holiday region. It is prestenting harmless slopes of 2 Kilometers length, but fine slopes for cross country skiing and a facility for biathlon with laser technic. For more informations please visit www.slz-silberhütte.de.

Skigebiet Altglashütte

At Altglashütte you find fine slopes for cross country skiing. Picture: slz-silberhütte.de


Parkvogel München gives to charity to schools

Parkvogel München did a donation of 1.500 Euro to the schools of Oberding. The team of Parkvogel München, represented by Mr. Werner Nuoffer, chairman, and Mr. Anton Jais, team leader, decided to donate the money to the children instead of having christmas gifts for their own.

The idea was grown with the first mayor of Oberding, Mr. Bernhard Mücke. The headmasters of both schools, Mr. Johann Deschu and Mr. Martin Hailmann are very thankful and told Parkvogel, that the money will be benefitted to school projects and for buying school instruments.

Spende des Parkvogel Muenchen


Christmas market at St. Katharinenspital Regensburg

Amazing moments in die bavarian city Regensburg/Stadtamhof

The tourist organization „Stadtmaus“and the restaurant „St.Katharinenspital“ invites to the christmas market fort he eighth time. Wih a beautiful view to the historical dome a pretty, old beer garden is the quite greatful location for this romantic market.


Salzburg and a delicous place 

The romantic city of Salzburg invites you with a beauty and a lot of arguments. The small allay „Getreidegasse“ offers a lot of shopping opportunities and is a charming place. Most of the sights can be seen on a stroll through Salzburg's historic city center:  the Residence, the Carillon, the Cathedral, the Franciscan Church,  Mozart Square, the Horse Pond, Hofstallgasse, Hohensalzburg Fortress, St. Peter's Monastery. Even the Christmas market is beautiful and a undrstandable argument to visit Salzburg in advent. 

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Autumn forest from above

Waldwipfelweg in Maibrunn im Bayerischen Wald

A trail close to the treetops: Enjoy the "Waldwipfelweg" in Maibrunn. Pictures: Waldwipfelweg

The trail „Waldwipfelweg“ in the bavarian forest in Maibrunn gives us a pretty new view to the fascinating nature. You can walk above in a high of 30 meters quite close to the treetops and enjoy a amazing view. A big advantage is it‘s dissability access. The trail is added with a theme trail of optic phenomena and a house standing on it’s top.

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Parkvogel Munich: a great brand

Anton Jais Parkvogel Muenchen

Team leader Anton Jais talking about the USP of the parking- & shuttle service of Parkvogel Munich.

This man is part of Parkvogel Munich from the first day on. And he personifies the concept as well: We talked to Anton Jais, team leader of Parkvogel Munich, about the brand.

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EXPO REAL at Messe Munich from October 4 to 6, 2016

Europe's Largest Trade Fair for Property and Investment: The international real estate industry will meet at Messe Munich from October 4 to 6, 2016. Despite Brexit and political uncertainties, the real estate industry continues to prosper. This will also be reflected in Munich. The number of exhibitors has increased again.  

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22.09.16 Oktoberfest alternatives 

Big party since september 17th: The Oktoberfest in Munich is an attraction to thousands of party people until October 3th. Parkvogel Munich has three great tips, if you want to escape this hustle and bustle.


Casual and simple: The Biergarten of the Olympia Alm. Picture: Olympia Alm.

Tip 1: Olympia Alm: A casual, simple Biergarten close to the Olympic tower. In former times this location was a kiosk visited by workers of the olympic park. A nice place to stay, eat bavarian food and to drink beer. You also can listen to free concerts playing in the olympic arena. Simple, easy and good! Address: Martin-Luther-King Weg 8, Munich.


An elegant café and event location: The Palmenhaus in Munich. Picture: Palmenhaus.

Tip 2: Palmenhaus at Nymphenburg Castle. A quiet beautiful café at Munich/Laim in the attractive parc of Nymphenburg Castle. The historic glasshouse was built for palm trees in the early 19th century and is used as a café, restaurant and event location. Reservation is neccessary! In summer months you can go with the gondola and visit the Palmenhaus in connection. For more information please visit: www.palmenhaus.de

Tip 3: Show gardens of the city plant nursery: A beautiful parc with different departements for flowers and plants and no costs for tickets: this is possible in Munich! Here gardeners tests which flowers are suitable for planting them at the city. The most beautiful place is the rose garden with about 200 different kinds. There are not many visitors, so you can enjoy it a lot. Please notice, that there are a lot of toxic plants, too. So don’t leave your kids unattended. Address: Sachsenstraße 2, 81543 Munich. It is advised to reach the gardens by car rather than by bus or subway.

16.09.16 Mountain hiking in the Bavarian Prealps

Hochalm – Bergwanderung – Bayerische Voralpen

Hiking up the "Hochalm". Our Parkvogel München advice, thanks to tourentipp.de.

Mountain hiking is great. Parkvogel München loves to advice an excursion to the mountains. Munich, nearby to the alps, is an optimal starting point to do a mountain hiking. Tourentipp.de will help you. This advice platform shows the most beautiful hiking tours. and actually recommends a perfect tour in autumn: the „Hochalm“.

You can hike up the „Hochalm“ in the Bavarian Prealps in different ways. The south and sunny route is the best for autumn and also perfect for families. The view of the moutain peak is most beautiful in sunny times. You get over more than 2.200 feet in altitude in about 2 hours. You will be faster downhill, please schedule about 1,5 hours. The best starting point is the parking place at the east of the Sylvenstein Sea. 

For more details and pictures please visit: http://www.tourentipp.de/de/touren/Hochalm-Bergtour-Bayerische-Voralpen_668.html

12.09.16 Sibiran Tigers at Straubing/Lower Bavaria zoo

Tiger im Tiergarten Straubing

Young Sibirian Tigers at Straubing zoo. Fotos: Tiergarten Straubing

They are only six months old but already so cute: The sibirian tigers called Tambi and Aziza. Both were born in the zoo in Straubing and one of the various reasons Straubing zoo is worth a visit.  

The zoo in Straubing is very beautiful and popular in its region. An enchanting terrain, which was developed from a family animal collection. During the second world war a lion tamer settled down in Straubing. At that time the future of the zoo was set. More than 200 species currently live in the zoo. You can see exotic animals like lions, parrots, crocodiles and typical animals of the region like lynx, bears and bisons. 

For Straubing zoo perfect animal care and pedagogy are extremely important. So you can learn a lot about the special  personality of specific animals - A perfect destination for school classes and family trips. 

For more information please visit www.tiergarten-straubing.de

Kaiman im Tiergarten Straubing

A turtle riding on a caiman. 

22.08.16 Excursion advice not only for horse lovers 

Horsepower at its best: The open air museum „Freilandmuseum Neusath-Perschen“ in the Upper Palatinate of Bavaria invites to a special horse day on September, 11th. You can visit al lot of horse races (11.15 o’clock) and watch historical working with horses (13.00 o’clock). Kids may enjoy riding on ponies. At 12 o’clock a big beer barrel will be brought by carriage. You get typical bavarian food in a historical alehouse, freshly baked bread and sweet baked goods at a stone baking oven. Western riders show typical american riding and working. A parade with horses finishes the day at 16 o’clock.

Gespann im Freilandmuseum Neusath-Perschen

Beer barrels brought by horse carriage.

Haus im Freilandmuseum Neusath-Perschen

The open air museum "Freilandmuseum Neusath-Perschen" shows historical country living. Pictures: Freilandmuseum Neusath-Perschen and Günter Moser.

For more information please visit: www.freilandmuseum.org

27.06.16 Fascinating wildlife park near Munich

Luchse Wildpark Poing

Lynxes in the wildlife park "Wildpark Poing".

It’s summer holidays! Our advice for having a quiet beatiful and exciting day is visiting the wildilfe park „Wildpark Poing“ near Munich. In the area of 570.000 square meter there are a lot of peacefully living wild animals like wolves, lynxes, red-deer, fallow deer, owls, peacocks, cavies, river rats, ducks, natual ponds, aviaries, sheeps, goats, ponies, … 

And there are bears! Mama bear Mia and her daughters Mette, Molly and Maja have been living in this wild park for 10 years   and they enjoy it very much! For having an appreciative break, there is a great meadow for picnic with a small kiosk, a big playground for kids, even with water and a western fort. 

One thing you shouldn’t miss is the raptor show of falconer Rudi Maier. He reared some of the birds himself. You can feel the connection between man and raptor and learn to differ the birds of their looking of flight. The raptors are shown every day at 10.30 (in holidays 11.00) and 15.00 o’clock, friday is free, unless there are no holidays or feast days.

Spielplatz Wildpark Poing

The big playground in the wildlife park "Wildpark Poing".

For more information please visit: www.wildpark-poing.de

22.07.16 Charger lead and plug-in for mobile phones 

Travellers know the problem: you need to recharge your phone and there is no charger lead in sight. Parkvogel offers the solution: In the lounge you can plug in for free and get suitable chearger leads at the service counter. If you want, please enjoy a tasty cup of coffee or a soft drink while recharging the battery and use the Wi-Fi for free. 

The battery of your car is flat? Parkvogel helps in this case, too. The team of Parkvogel charge your car battery as well.

USB-Ladestation Parkvogel Muenchen

Parkvogel offers charger lead and a plug-in for mobile phones.

14.07.16 New service performance: cash money at the service counter available

Only foreign currency in your wallet and there is no cashpoint in sight? Sometimes this is a problem after holiday trips. At Parkvogel Munich this is no issue any more. You can get cash money up to 200 Euros at the service counter. Drawing money with your ec card works quite similiar to common cash machines. The staff will help you with pleasure. This is a new service performance of Parkvogel Munich to spare the necessity of long detours.

29.06.16 The original Nepal-Himalaya pavilion amidst the Upper Palatinate of Bavaria


The original Nepal-Himalaya pavilion of the expo 2000. Copyright all pictures Nepal Himalaya Park Stiftung

The exotic garden and the original Nepal-Himalaya pavilion are located close to the freeway A3 Regensburg to Passau - at the edge of the Bavarian Forest. The pavilion was first shown in Hannover at the exhibition „expo 2000“ and was brought in piece parts to Wiesent in Bavaria. There it was built up again and can be visited since 2003. The arrangement with building and garden is popular. It becharms with harmony, peacefulness, happiness and energy. 

The exposition only opens a few days during the week: You can visit the pavilion and the garden every Saturday, Sunday, Monday and during bank holidays from May up to Oktober 3rd. 

What can you see? More than 1.000 species of plants, a pond with kois, Buddhas, a zen garden, big iron bells, a china garden, a herbal garden and the big Himalaya garden, which was extended in 2010. 

You can buy Nepalese tea and coffee, cookies and art of Nepal. If you fancy a proper dish you find restarants in the village Wiesent close to the garden. 

For the description of how to get there and a lot of interesting information visit: www.nepal-himalaya-pavillon.de

Nepal Garten

Beautiful gardens around the Nepal-Himalaya pavilion.

Nepal in Muenchen

Traditional garden with gravel. 

Nepal Kunst

Traditional art at the Nepal-Himalaya pavilion.

17.06.16 Climbing at Kletterwald Regensburg: It’s fun!

Even though the weather may be too bad for outdoor activities like swimming or skating, the Parkvogel team has another idea how to stay active! How about climbing at Kletterwald Regensburg? You can do it while the sun is shining or even when it’s windy or raining. You can have fun with your family, team-mate, friends, as a couple, group or alone.

Klettern im Kletterwald

Climbing at Kletterwald Regensburg: It's fun! All pictures: Markus Freitag Fotografie

Kletterwald Regensburg is located at Eilsbrunn, near Sinzing in a forest with big beeches. You find seven different courses for climbing in different levels. Kids from 4 to 13 years can do the course „Zauberwald“. Four courses are suitable for teenagers of 13 years and older. Children from 8 years and older may try this courses only together with an adult. Please notice wearing suitable clothing is important. You will be equipped with security equipment.

Attendants who do not want to climb can spend a nice time at the outdoor-café or go on an excursion with a bike or by foot in the beautiful forest. More information: www.kletterwald-regensburg.de


Kletterwald Aussicht

Hoch hinaus im Kletterwald

10.06.16 Kunst im Stadl

Art and Artists in old farmer’s huts: July 2th/3th, Anzhofen/Maisach

Kunst im Stadl Hof

An old farm, wooden huts, a beautiful summer landscape with fruit trees, flowers and cottage gardens… This romantic scenery is the place, where artists show their new works on July 2th and 3th in Anzhofen. You can see sculptures, statuary, ceramics, art with glass, wood, metal, textiles, leather, gold, paper, and much more in this exhibition of 100 artists. Some of them are presenting their work in progress. 

A contribution towards the costs (paying for parking fees, the shuttle service from parking to the exhibition and back and live music) is 4 Euros of which 50 cents will be donated to a charity purpose. Childs and teenagers up to 16 years are free of charge.

In a beautiful beer garden you can enjoy tasty and delightful food.  The music program offers jazz and blues on Saturday evening with „Red Hot Seranaders“, a jazz brunch with the Big Band „Jiri Mares“ on Sunday morning, Acoustic Rock of „L&M“  till 15.00 o’clock and a special harp concerts with the vocal artist Gabriele Ogrissek. 

How do you get to Anzhofen?

Anzofen is a very small village, close to Maisach in the north of Fürstenfeldbruck. Please use the navigation. For more information please visit: www.kunst-im-stadl-de.

Kunst im Stadl Obstgarten

31.05.16 Refuelling electricity during parking

Hello, future parking! At Parkvogel Munich you can refuel your electric car.

Parkvogel Munich car park offers a lot of advantages. There are also four charging stations for your electric car. The usage is only 2,50 Euro per charging procedure. These special parking spaces are marked with signs at the floor and big and colourful posters. You can find them at the ground-floor close to the exit.

Please use this parking spaces only with electric cars. Even though Parkvogel Munich is very popular, you will always find a free parking space amongst our 1.900 roofed-over and safe parking spaces. If you book your space in advance on our website, it will be made sure that your space is ready for you at your preferred time.

Elektroautotankstelle im Parkvogel München

The charging stations are marked with colourful posters.

Zapfsäule Parkvogel München

You find a german description how to refuel the car. If you need help, please contact the service team.

17.05.16 Kallmünz, where artists love to live

Kallmünz is a municipality in the district of Regensburg. Situated at the rivers Naab and Vils Kallmünz has conserved a beautiful medieval center. Kallmünz is very picturesque and romantic, but without any touch of kitsch. Attractions are the ruins of the Kallmünz Castle above the town on a cliff, the „House without roof“, which is built in a small cafe in the cliff, and the old stone bridge over the Naab river. It was in Kallmünz that the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky and the German expressionist painter Gabriele Münter met during the summer of 1903 and fell in love. Since then Kallmünz has been the constant home to a small art colony. You can find art and art galleries and colourful paintings on walls, fences and posters as well.

Where to eat?

You get traditional and delicious food at „Zum Goldenen Löwen“. The offers in the small restaurant „Gabriele-Gmünter-Stube“ in the road „Vilsgasse“ and „Bauchstechala“ (a typically bavarian dish made of potatoes) at the small restaurant „Bürstenbinder“ are worth a taste.

The beautiful Kallmünz Castle on the cliff.

The house without roof in the Vilsgasse.

Art in the streets of Kallmünz.

The river Naab is natural and and a beautiful part of Kallmünz.

18.04.16 Ceramic market in Dießen from May 5th to May 8th: A festival of art, tablewear und decoration artikels

It is a tourist attraction and a place to see for every fan of ceramic art: the ceramic market („Töpfermarkt“) in Dießen close to the Ammersee lake is quite beautiful. 150 ceramic artists show very different articles, which you can buy also. This year Italy is the main topic, so you can see the  best ceramic ideas for wine,  antipasti, pizza, fish, noodles, olives and oil. You can reach the market with train, car or ship. But you won’t get a hotel in the city. Please use the possibilities in Munich. Visitors can be sure: you won’t stay hungry at this ceramic festival: Every restaurant in Dießen is open. At the market you find a lot of offers of typical bavarian food.

The ceramic market in Dießen near Ammersee lake is beautiful. Picture: Bentele

01.04.2016 Beer garden at it’s best! Visit Andechs Monastery and enjoy a special crossover concert

Seen from miles around atop Holy Mountain above the eastern bank of Ammer Lake, Andechs Monastery is the oldest pilgrimage church in Bavaria and since 1850, an asset of the Benedictine monastery, St. Boniface, in Munich.

Andechs hospitality has many faces and a long history. The brewery is famous. The best way to enjoy the beer is at a sunny place at the old terrace.

Andechs is beautiful to do bicycle trips around. And you enjoy a spectacular day if you combine a visit at tha beer garden with a classic concert at the evening.

Our special tipp: 7. Orff days oft „Bayerischen Philharmonie«, a crossover concert with melodies of Carl Orff‘s »Carmina Burana« and the bavarian singer and songwriter „Haindling«: Saturday, 25th June, 19.00 o’clock (7 pm), Florian-Stadl. Tickets available at www.muenchenticket.de

Photo: Kloster Andechs, Thomas Schmid

27.03.2016 Spearing the dragon

A cultural inside tip: Secure the tickets to the famous festival now

1431 in August a bloody chapter of the world history was written. A giant army of knights assembled to crusade against the rebelling Bohemians. The fact that the emperor had their celebrated reformer J.H. be burnt at the stake filled them with indignation. Now a furious war was raging at the border.

But in the shadow of the war suddenly a much more dangerous threat awakes. A monster gets up from the curse which it has been under from time immemorial – the dragon! Murder and blood release in him the elementary power of the evil. With the force of the frenetic nature the dragon cuts a swath of horrible destruction through the country.

Who can stop the beast? Only two people fulfil the prophecy: The young lady of the castle of Furth could save countless lives by sacrificing herself. The fearless knight Udo could beat the monster – but Udo is captured in a net of a mortal conspiracy. Merciless the dragon is moving towards the town.

A famous festival with tickets in great demand. Now, the last tickets are available. The performance o the theatre happens between august 5 and august 22, nearly every day. Ticket price: 22 to 28 Euro, depends of place and date. (reduction 6 Euro). There is an attractive additional entertainement programm at the weekend. Booking links, inside tips for restaurants and hotels you find at the website www.drachenstich.de.

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