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Start your holidays in a good mood!
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Permanently affordable parking in car park P24 Düsseldorf Airport

Car park P24: Affordable parking at Duesseldorf Airport

With 1100 parking spaces, car park P24 offers the largest allocation of reliably super affordable long-term holiday parking spaces.

P24 is open round the clock, the entrance clearance is unrestricted.
Book, park, fly. Have a lovely holiday!

Your benefits at a glance

No key handover P24
Free Shuttle P24
Partially under video surveillance P24
Low Price P24
4 hours of goodwill P24
Covered waiting area P24
Payment at exit P24
Unlimited vehicle height P24


From the car park P24 to the terminal - and back!

P24 free shuttle service

Our free shuttle service brings you reliably to the terminal and of course back again - in just three minutes each way. The shuttle bus runs according to schedule every 20 minutes.

The shuttle runs from 3:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m..


Make a booking for car park P24 quickly and easily

Reservation made easy: Reserve a parking space on our website or our "Parkvogel - Clever.Parken." App. To do so, enter the required information and your credit or debit card.

Enter the car park
Please use the credit or debit card you selected for reservation or booking - instead of a parking ticket - to enter the parking garage in which your reserved parking space is located and later to exit the parking garage. To do so, please insert your credit or debit card into the ticket issuing slot at the entrance. Given that you are entering within the booked time period, the gate will recognise your card and open. You can then enter.

Leaving the car park
Please note that the same card will be required to open the gate upon exiting as well.

You don’t pay for your parking space until you are exiting, which spares you from waiting at the automated pay station because your parking fee is automatically charged to your credit or debit card. Of course you receive a receipt upon exiting that states the amount of the parking fee.

Our goodwill
Your reservation is valid for a period of 4 hours before to 4 hours after the entry time selected during the online booking. If you enter the parking garage before or after the validity period, your reservation will not be recognized and entry may not be possible (e.g. parking garage fully occupied). Four hours after the selected entry time, your reservation expires and your parking space is released again in the system.


Loading of available parking spaces