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Dezember 2015

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The "Parkvogel - Clever.Parking." app

Looking for secure, simple and affordable parking at Düsseldorf Airport?
The Parkvogel app shows you the best spots and accompanies you on your journey!

The "Parkvogel – Clever.Parking." app is your personal companion for parking at Düsseldorf Airport. Use the simple and intuitive service to find vacant parking spots at Düsseldorf Airport and reserve in advance for your next holiday whenever you like. You can make bookings or view existing or old bookings via your personal customer account. And that's not all: the Parkvogel assistant accompanies you on your journey and provides useful information and assistance in all situations. A true highlight is the integrated indoor navigation feature that reliably guides you to your destination even inside selected Parkvogel car parks.

The key features of the "Parkvogel – Clever.Parking." app are :

The app displays all available Parkvogel parking spots (incl. price, distance to the terminal and transfer) around Düsseldorf Airport in a selection list. Once you have selected a spot, you will receive all the relevant detailed information. You can also book a parking spot directly.

If you want, you can reserve your parking spot in advance for a relaxed start to your holiday. Only four booking steps are required (you must be logged in to your customer account):

  1. Select the parking period
  2. Select the parking spot you want
  3. Enter the payment information (and optionally, flight number)
  4. Submit booking

The centrepiece of the app is "Paul Parkvogel", the personal parking assistant. He guides you through the entire parking process and provides plenty of additional information about the flight. The assistant helps you as follows:

  •  - Navigates to the car park (using Google Maps)
  •  - Prepares the entry medium (e.g. QR code)
  •  - Saves the parking position
  •  - Navigates to the terminal or transfer (Shuttle bus)
  •  - Displays the check-in desk in the terminal
  •  - Displays the departure gate in the terminal
  •  - Displays the luggage carousel
  •  - Indicates payment options (e.g. payment machines)
  •  - Indicates ways to exit

As a registered and logged-in app user, you can view all the car park bookings you have made (previous, current and up-coming) in your personal customer account. When you select a booking, all relevant details are displayed.

You can make or view bookings via your personal customer account. You can do this by logging in to an existing customer account or creating a new account. To create a customer account, we require personal data such as email address, name, address and telephone number, all of which will of course be handled confidentially.